This word might sound like the new broom from Harry Potter part 8, in fact it’s one of the most powerful words I have heard in a long time. A week ago I met a very intelligent and inspiring lady on board of the flight from Capetown to Joburg. Clumsy me spilled a glass of red wine on her book which created an opening to start a conversation. (Yes, there you go. One of my ultimate secrets. Clumsiness leads to connection with people!) Despite the ruby red touch I gave to it, she still wanted to show it to me, her favourite book of all times: Hugh Masekela – Still grazing.

Her enthousiasm about this book made me curious and her knowledge about the content convinced me, I need to read it in the future. I told her I had been to Afrikaburn and met so many inspiring people who shared their knowledge, love and happiness with me.

She said: ‘It’s like Ubuntu. If everyone shares their kindness, knowledge and understanding it makes such a big difference to the world. It gets humankind united with one another.’ While nodding my head I thought about it.. Sharing our light is the key to evolution! But wait, Ubuntu? is that what you just said? I would like to remember! Yes, she continued ‘The word Ubuntu finds its history in South Africa and it basically means: “I am because we are.” So there I sat in the airplane back home, somewhere in African airspace, while one of the last days of my African adventure brought me this beautiful and positive quote. Glad I spilled that lovely Afrikaans ‘wijntje’ on her book because it was worth the chat! 🍷

Thank you Mbali for sharing your thoughts with me.


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