Okay, maybe I look like a super duper cool rock chick. The real deal is; In my mind I ride a pink little pony!

I use positive thoughts to prevent unruly behaviour and to deal with stressful situations. I could punch someone in the face to defend myself but I will probably lose the battle with my 54kg. When I get attacked by a dude that looks like the Hulk, I will scream my lungs out & run to my mummy because I’m chickened out! So that leaves me with two options:

I could eat some more spinach to get Popeye’s muscles or I will escape in my mind and defend myself with a heroic white energy.
 I choose the second option.
Instead of an aggressive or anxious attitude I use affirmations to kill the bad vibes.

I AM the director of my own movie, I AM positive, I AM peaceful, I AM relaxed, I AM safe. I AM.

And besides that: I visualise myself on a pink little pony with a beautiful rainbow at the background! Uhuh. It’s hard to beat that!

Unfortunately there’s fear and fear always wants to tackle me on the floor. It’s around the corner and it tries to get me down! Motherfucker! The Insecure attitude leads towards the end of positive thinking and then it’s almost hitting me. But…

Before the shit hits the fan, I count till ten,

& start all over again…

I AM Gingerella riding a super cute pink little pony! 🦄🌈


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