The Unknown

I’m famous because of my party mojo, I have a reputation of a wind up rabbit and the fact that I always want to switch off the light in every pub isn’t something new. Therefore I think you will be surprised with the following update; I planned a meditation weekend. Instead of visiting an exotic destination with the 777, which would only cost me a few euro’s working as a flight attendant, I choose to spend my money on some serieus meditation techniques in….. <exciting music> Almere. Yes, you read that well. Im focusing on the 3 magic words lately. Peace, regularity and cleanliness.

You might think, this girl goes INSANE!
I understand it’s a bit unreal.. The diehard party girl is talking about meditating. Being open about spirituality is still considered as a taboo by some of us. But I’m convinced in this hectic world we need it more then ever! I believe it will be a good investment and I’ll try to get to the bottom of this unknown and feared silence….

I tried to hide this spiritual side of me for a few years but it’s like a strong virus and it comes back everytime.
I talked with a colleague about this fear of expressing my spiritual side and he said: ‘why would you hide your spiritual curiosity?’ I said, ‘you are completely right! What’s wrong with that anyway?’
Absolutely nothing! And therefore I’m telling everyone; I’ll go meditating in exotic Almere.

Why would I choose meditation instead of a cocktail on a beach at a sunny destination? Since I’ve been doing regular breathing excercises, which is of course the basics of meditation, I noticed the benefits in my body, mind and soul. basically, I can handle any situation better, I feel less restless, I’m more focused and I’m more consciouss. The only thing I have to do is sit and breathe. Wauwww! If I would have tried this 15 years ago, it would have made such a big difference in my stressful life.

I hope my party sisters are not too disappointed because of my determined news.
That’s definitely not necessary. I’m trying to find (never thought this word would come out of my mouth…) BALANCE.

Sounds like a personal improvement right? But maybe it’s easier said than done. I hope to get the hang of these meditation techniques to become the new peaceful me. Can’t wait to exaggerate about my upcoming location and weather status, the Dutch weather is utterly poor but soon there will be an utterly ray of sunshine in my mind!


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