Comfort zone 

While sitting in the train I look back on my holiday that almost came to an end. My sunglasses were on my face most of the time and my feet where shoeless at least 10 of the 21 days. The sand under my bare feet and the wet grass on the camping gave me the perfect summer holiday feeling. This all together with people I just met in a short period of time. Following my intuition payed off with interesting people and uncertain situations. And the good thing is, it all came on my path itself. Synchronicity or serendipity they call it. A powerful word for a lot of coincidences and pleasant surprises. Embrace the insecure road and let the Divine Universe do the work.

One of the things I learned from my Afrikaburn adventure is the satisfied feeling when I’m living in the here and now. The feeling that I’m at the right place at the exact right moment. The only thing I have to do to get into this state is follow my heart.

Sure, ‘listen to your heart’ one of those tearjerker songs from the 90’s.
But how do I hear these voices of my heart? As I learned during my meditations; be silent! The most effective way to manifest a wide scale of dreams and surprises. Although I didn’t spend 10 days in India at a silence retraite to challenge myself to the fullest, I did have some fun dancing with 4000 *wild civilians on a land.

As long as I’m not comfortable enough with the thought to shut my mouth for ten days, eat 3 grains of rice and have no eye contact with the rest of the participants, I’m quite sure I’m not ready yet.

But when am I ready? Maybe never, because it all has to do with leaving the comfort zone. However I don’t want to be to hard on myself as I just started a new balanced lifestyle! I want to live consciouss, do my meditation tricks, while eating chocolate and drinking wine.

For the time being this is still more appealing to me… 

This Sunday I’ll start reloaded with my work again and I’ll put the nostalgic memories at the back of my mind. My first Dutch Summer holiday, an instant crush and no regrets!

Free Meditation Party Advice: breathe in and very slowly breathe out. During your exhale put some glitter on your nose!! Hoppaaa you are now a Glitter -Zen-Guru!


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