To apply for superhero press here: 🌎

I’ve been away for a while. Not that surprising for a flight attendant, however the last couple of weeks I rarely slept in my own bed. I flew to the most impressive places an adventurous girl could wish for. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon in person, travelled to Bali to meet a friend and as this wasn’t exciting enough yet; I had the honour to meet the beautiful creatures at the Galápagos Islands during my layover in Ecuador. My feet touched rocky mountains, clear blue waters and volcanic surroundings in a month time. Almost unreal if you think that an average person has a holiday break twice a year.

While I was enjoying nature in these three continents, I was once again amazed by it’s beauty but I also saw the less positive sides of us human beings living on this beautifully created planet as we have implemented so many products and services to make our lives more comfortable but not particularly do any good to the earth or to ourselves. I know, I am guilty first hand. My work as a flight attendant contributes to a sky high carbon footprint. Not something to be proud of.

“Okay, Greenpeace hero, so what’s your contribution to the earth going to be?”

There’s so much to improve and to develop. Perhaps the question is not where to start, but how; How can I make a difference? I think it all starts with acknowledging and discovering personal talents as we are mostly only doing our best if we do something we like.

Besides polishing nails, chitchat with my friends and swipe the latest tinder boys to X or V, what am I good at? I’m super good at pleasing people by handing out pasta or chicken in an aircraft. Yes I’m pretty sure I’m nailing those skills! But that’s not something I win an eco award with.

I believe I came to the earth to contribute and not just to shine in my bikini while playing innocent. So here I go, ready to apply for superhero and work on my skills. I want to be good to the earth, put positive energy into it and live consciously.

Although the world I live in provides me to get everything in one online click, there’s no download button to upgrade my human skills. Imagine;

If you want to become an instant superhero, press here: 🌎”

I might not know the exact way yet, I am dedicated to find a way to discover the hidden Guru and lifesaver in me!


A few more years of your patience please


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