Life changing dust; The Holy Burn 

⚠️ Highly amount of positive words!

About a year ago I asked the Universe a question; (Praying on my knees during full moon, applying all law of attraction secrets)  “I have been super curious, naughty and I did something silly every single day, may I go to Afrikaburn this year?”

The answer was YES!

In the desert one can see amazing sunrises so the first day I jumped super curious out of bed, excited to watch it with other burners and to experience the so called collective emotions. Reality check: Freezing cold, amount of people awake: 4. But, a beautiful rise 🌅 

Rising frequencies of each other through  love, gratitude and joy is highly encouraged in the Karoo desert. It’s all about exchanging energy and gifting. Can you imagine how extremely lifted one can feel at the end of the week? Well, I can tell you this; I felt like Bruce Almighty who played God for a few days! 🌟 I know that’s quite a bold thing to say.. but let’s put it this way; the creation and manifestation was just one fingersnap away. (Durability of power: until the Burn was ova…) Is this loving energy perhaps the reason why thousands of inspired people are coming back every year?

What do you do during the day, you might think. Well, in my opinion the Burn is all about missions. I think you haven’t really experienced it, if you haven’t been on a mission on your own. I crawled into a huge Egg, got lost for hours and waved to people who drove by on a purple giant snail vehicle for example. Nothing unusual you know, the kind of things you see me doing daily! 🤡 Hair covered in dust, boots that feel at least 3 kilo heavier and passionate kisses with ‘strangers’ (Ja lekker !) For me it was the best part of the Burn, the tribe on it’s peek! A super relaxed atmosphere, people all loosened up, embracing the present moment. A beautiful gathering of souls who feel that they are one with everything and everyone around them. The last pieces of art get burned and some heroes dance naked around the fire 🎶 (I am not there yet… who knows what will happen this year) 

At the moment I felt extremely happy and high on love it was time to go back to my ‘normal’ life. Lighty excited to see my pale face underneath the amount of dust I collected that week but also a feeling of disapointment. Reality check: Rules and bills waiting for me… Once back home, I couldn’t resist wearing a big smile every day, every time I thought and talked about the African desert. I noticed it boosted my mood and it changed my inner and outer world for the better. Joy, gratitude and love is my soul food addiction since then. 

I am grateful I was part of AB 2016. Thanks to all  burners who made this possible and thank you, for reading my version of AB. Who knows, we might be hugging tightly at the playa this year, if serendipity wants us to meet…  Xoxo

AB 2017 🔥 Ik lust je rauw….

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